As I mentioned yesterday, I popped into Loop in Islington, London for a browse and a little shop. And when I say little, I actually mean little for once – I only purchased two skeins of wool, a feat that, given Loop’s amazing range of yarns and tempting patterns – demonstrated extensive restraint!

Onto the wool in a moment, but first – I did buy something in addition to the yarn (shh!). I saw these Loop-branded acorn needle gauges sitting on the till table, and thought one would be very useful to keep in my larger project bag, so into my basket it went!


The wool I bought was some Brooklyn Tweed ‘Loft’, in firstly ‘Almanac’ (the dark blue) and then ‘Sweatshirt’ (the mid grey).


The colours look fantastic together, and I really like the slightly tweed appearance of the wool. The texture is interesting; ‘Loft’ is a pure wool 2-ply with a very delicate twist, which makes it feel almost like fine felt, and  – as I’ve learned to my detriment – means that it requires a light touch to knit with, otherwise it breaks. Thankfully, when I accidentally broke mine, I was only on the casting-on row so didn’t have to rip back any knitting to recover a major break further on; I’ve learned my lesson now and am treating it with a bit more respect!

I’ve already cast on a project with the ‘Loft’ wool. I decided to begin the Altair hat from Jared Flood, that I’ve been wanting to get started on for a couple of weeks. I just couldn’t find a yarn that I really thought would suit the pattern, which is – coincidentally – made from Brooklyn Tweed‘s ‘Loft’ in the pattern. Lo and behold, when I took a look at the wool on my trip to Loop, I knew the texture and tones of ‘Loft’ would be just right. So far, that is definitely the case. Despite having to take it carefully with this wool, it knits up into a thick and durable fabric that will wear incredibly well as a cold-weather hat. The shades that I’m using, ‘Almanac’ for the colourwork and ribbing band, and ‘Sweatshirt’ for the background to the crown, look fantastic together and have the exact balance of tweed and bright colour that I was looking for.

Thumbs up all round – all I need now is time this week to get this hat knit!


London Loot

I have returned from London with loot! I’ll do a full recap and details of my lovely yarn enhancement expedition tomorrow, but in the meantime, here is my ‘stash pile’!

Slow Going

Progress is really slow on my latest pair of Rose City Rollers – this is the second sock, but I’ve barely started the heel flap and I started this one last week! I blame this slow going on lovely weather and the inevitable preparation for work that precedes the start of a school year – but I’m going to have to get my skates on if I want to finish these by the end of the holidays!



I got my first Ravellenic Games medal today – and I love both the colours and the presence of Bobicus the dog on the badge! Thank you Bobicus (and everyone else at Ravelry) for sending this through; I’m already planning for PyeongChang 2018…