Next Up

Following the end of the Ravellenic Games, I’ve been thinking about what to knit next. I fancied a shorter, smaller project after the neverending final few rows of the Daybreak shawl – and wanted something a little different from my usual go-to sock options.

Vague ideas of knitting a hat in hand, I took to Ravelry and searched for something I liked. It didn’t take me long to spot this gorgeous hat from Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed:

Photo credit:

I really like Altair‘s combination of a modern shape and high ribbed band, with the more traditional-style patterning. I haven’t done a huge amount of colourwork before, so this will pose a bit of a challenge without (hopefully!) being too difficult – and as it’s a small project, I should be able to get it finished before work starts again in a couple of weeks!

I’m excited to start – now all I need to do is pick out some yarn!

Sprint Finish

I have finished in the nick of time! My entry for the 2016 Ravellenic Games is complete!


It’s all finished and the ends are sewn in. It’s just finishing blocking, and it should be all done by tomorrow evening in time for the deadline as the Rio Olympics comes to an end.

I have absolutely loved knitting this pattern, Daybreak by Stephen West. It had just enough interest to keep me focused, but other than increases it was predominantly stockinette stitch so I could knit away during car journeys and evenings in with a movie. The colours look really stunning; the ‘Party of Five’ mini skein set from SweetGeorgia Yarns in the ‘wildfire’ colourway is so bright, and really stands out against the dark grey. All of the yarns are SweetGeorgia Yarns ‘Tough Love Sock’ base; it’s very soft but also feels as though it will last a long time. I will definitely be using some of this yarn to knit myself some socks before long!


I will upload more photos when the shawl has finished blocking, but in the meantime I’m going to go and celebrate completing the Ravellenic Games with a little glass of wine!